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'How Letting Agents Can Win More Landlords'

Acquiring new landlords is one of the biggest challenges letting agents will face. In an increasingly competitive environment, you need to stand out as an agency and go the extra mile to demonstrate value.  There are a range of strategies you can deploy to gain more business from landlords.  

'How to Reduce Tenant Turnover'

When you are managing a property portfolio, a small amount of tenant turnover is expected. However, some landlords experience a higher turnover rate than others. Whilst some tenants will decide to leave due to a significant life change (getting a new job or having a child), others will move out based on their experience in […]

'Managing Properties Across Winter'

Winter can be a challenging time for landlords. The colder weather can lead to a wide range of property issues when not addressed. Fortunately, there are several steps that landlords can take to ‘winter-proof’ their properties and keep their tenants happy.

'Sage Property Management – Things to Consider'

Adopting Sage accounting software can be an effective way to manage your finances. With a range of tools to help with payroll, cash flow and invoices, it is the ideal accounting software for managing rental properties.  If you decide to go ahead with Sage for property management, you can also team it up with industry-specific […]

'What the Stamp Duty Holiday Means for Buyers and Property Owners'

In July, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the government were introducing a stamp duty holiday to support the housing market. Taking immediate effect, the change means that many buyers will not be taxed when purchasing a new home or piece of land.

'Everything You Need to Know About the Pre-Tenancy Process'

You are a landlord new to the rental market. You have found a promising tenant and you would like to move them in as soon as possible. So, what next? To start a new rent arrangement, you will need to follow the pre-tenancy process.   Make Sure You are Happy with the Draft Tenancy Agreement […]

'Renting with Pets – A Guide for Landlords'

Renting with Pets – A Guide for Landlords Given the risks of wear and tear, most landlords choose to ban pets from staying in their rented properties. However, as more people choose to rent and for longer periods, the government has decided to revaluate the existing practises surrounding renting with pets. When most landlords think […]

'Property Management Software Explained'

Property management software is designed to help ease and enhance property management processes. It is used by landlords, letting agents, estate agents and property managers. Software developers may design their system for one type of user or several audiences. This type of software can be designed around one specific user or a broad range. Property […]

'How to Manage Rent Arrears & Get Your Money Back'

Problematic tenants can be very frustrating for property owners. When a tenant cannot pay their rent, it is the landlord’s cash flow that suffers. This means that over time, rent arrears can affect the landlord’s ability to pay their overheads. This can turn into a nightmare to resolve if not addressed quickly, leaving the landlord […]

'4 Tips for Gaining More Property Viewings'

Securing property viewings can be a difficult task. Landlords and letting agents alike can struggle with attracting interest, often getting their advertisements lost amongst other listings. On top of this, choosing the right price can be tricky. Setting a price that is too expensive can deter property seekers from booking a viewing. In contrast, landlords […]

'What Is Cash Flow and Why Is It Important?'

  Cash Flow Explained Cash flow is the net amount of money going in and out of a business. It can be described as positive or negative, depending on whether you end a period with more money or less. It is at the root of business success. If you are earning more than you are […]

'What Is Credit Control and How to Manage Debts'

Credit is when you provide a customer with a service or product before payment. Credit control is the process of ensuring that the amount owed is collected on time, in line with the previously set agreement. This can alternatively be called credit management. If a customer does not pay within the time frame agreed, this […]

'Temporary Changes Right to Rent Checks'

Social distancing in the UK may be helping prevent further spread of the virus, but it’s creating new problems within the property sector. Landlords are facing unfamiliar challenges as face-to-face visits and inspections become prohibited. Pre-tenancy processes have also been affected with difficulties arising surrounding right to rent checks. Acknowledging that housing professionals have taken […]

'COVID-19 – Advice for Commercial Landlords'

Last week (23rd March) the government issued a press release to tackle the growing fears amongst commercial renters. These new measures, which are a part of the emergency Coronavirus Bill, state that commercial tenants who cannot pay their rent will be protected from eviction. This ban on eviction will run for 3 months, up to […]

'How to Choose the Best Letting Agent'

Looking after a rented property can be quite a handful. As a property owner, you may want to use your time elsewhere without neglecting your investment. This is where letting agents step in, they take the hard work off your hands and use their expertise to find you, great tenants.   What Do Letting Agents […]

'End of Year Tax Explained'

Landlords and property agents are experts in helping people find their dream home. However, dealing with bookkeeping may leave you flustered or just downright confused. With the tax year drawing closer, we’ve decided to break down some common terminology and explain how the end of year tax works. If you’re an owner of a limited […]

'Landlord Insurance Guide'

Before you can begin letting a property, you must secure landlord insurance to protect you over your future leases. This will apply to both residential and commercial buildings. Whilst most wear and tear will be minimal, you need to be covered in case you end up taking on a bad tenant. There are a variety […]

'A Landlord Guide to Student Letting'

If you're a landlord considering moving from traditional letting to student accommodation management, there are some important differences to consider. This landlord guide to student letting will walk you through the essentials so you know what to expect from student housing.

'Block Management Problems'

Taking on the responsibility of residential blocks can be intimidating for many property managers. Managers will need to look after multiple occupants and everything within the four walls they inhabit.

'Cloud Based Property Management Software – The Benefits'

For property managers, staying ahead of the competition is vital in maintaining property investments. Outdated systems can not only cause a lot of frustration, but they can also damage the longevity of business success. Cloud-based property management software can solve a lot of common property sector issues.

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