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We're the only property management software to integrate with Sage 50

Streamlining your property management systems

The only property management software to offer full integration with Sage, Decorus for Sage gives you access to all data services. Compatible with any version of Sage 50, we provide you with real time integration, so you’ll always have the most streamlined access to your latest financial figures. No matter how quickly your property portfolio grows, managing multiple properties within Decorus lets you consistently keep on top of your figures, so you’ll never be left out of pocket. 


In October 2018, we achieved the status of Sage Platinum Developer. In order to earn this prestigious certification, we underwent a rigorous testing process carried out by Qualitest (global software testing giants). 

What do we mean by real time integration ?

Decorus has no built in financial engine! What you see in Decorus is real time Sage data read straight from Sage. When you post an invoice or payment in Decorus, it is actually posting it directly to Sage. There is no importing or exporting just a real time integration with your Sage 50 data

Multiple Sage companies?

Run multiple Sage companies for your growing portfolios and getting frustrated at having to log in and out of each company to obtain information? Problem solved! With Decorus you have one login that will access all Sage companies so you can view all property, tenant and diary information in one place. When you open a tenant record for example, Decorus will know which Sage company to retrieve the data from. Even better you can send rent arrears communications for all tenants in all Sage companies in one go!

Property Accounting

Decorus has two options for accounting on a property by property basis

1. Department codes. When you create a property record in Decorus, it will assign it the next available department code in Sage and name it with the property name. If you have less than 999 properties in any one Sage company, this is the best option as you can use the advanced departmental reports to obtain profit and loss / balance sheet information on a property by property basis.

2. Projects. When you create a property in Decorus, it will create a Project record in Sage naming it with the property name. This is the only option available if you have over 999 properties in any one Sage company

Sage Business Cloud, Sage Intacct, Xero and Quickbooks

Decorus doesn’t have a direct link to Sage 200 or Sage Intacct. If you are looking for a direct integration into Sage 200, Sage Accounting or Sage Intacct, then please contact us to discuss our Avenue project.

As for Decorus for Sage, a number of our customers run their portfolio in Sage 50 and, using the lock date, transfer periodic data into Sage 200.

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‘Why do I need a demonstration to see Decorus in action?’

Your organisation deserves bespoke support.

With over twenty years of combined experience in the property management industry, we know just how unique your business is. Our free online demo takes you through Decorus’s multiple modules step by step, so you can see exactly how our streamlined solution will work for you.

During your no-obligation demonstration, you’ll experience:

  • Software designed around your business’s workflow
  • Insight into Decorus’ management modules
  • An open forum for any questions you may have about the software with one of our experts

…And if you’re lucky, you’ll meet Peaches, our office Cavapoo

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