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Cloud Server Security and Backup Policy

How we look after your data

Our goal as a server provider is to deliver a stable fast platform safe from internal and external threats for customers to use their software. For this to happen there are a number of things that we have put in place. Unfortunately, by ourselves we cannot guarantee the security of customers’ cloud server. It is also up to the users to make sure that they keep their login details safe and away from unauthorised users and make sure that they log off the server when they are away from their desks.

Security and Data Backup Measures
Below is a list of the security and data backup measures put in place to ensure the safety of customers’ servers:

We can add Multi-Factor Authentication to our service if required.

Effective use
For the measures put in place to be at their most effective users must take note of the following:

Provided users follow the guidance above you will find your cloud server to be effective and secure.

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