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The Residential Sector

From professional lets to multi lets, managing multiple residential properties can leave elements of your property management going missed. Allowing you to view profit loss breakdown by property and company, Decorus gives you a snapshot of your tenancies for the speediest way to do business. Alongside regular occupancy reports, this gives you the data you need to track your tenancies, and stay ahead of the competition.

Taking care of your tenancies

The Commercial Sector

Designed to deal with commercial properties in all shapes and sizes, Decorus for Sage helps you balance the needs of multiple properties even as your business grows. Whether you manage a shop front, industrial estate, office block or open land, Decorus’s flexibility means even your multi-company needs are accommodated for.

Growing your commercial property portfolio 

The Student Housing Sector

Notorious for late payments, student occupants can need more managing than others. With features including mass check in and check out, credit control to track potential late payments and inventory logs, Decorus for Sage offers you the perfect solution to easily manage your individual student properties or blocks. Dealing seamlessly with HMOs, our software helps you navigate term changing periods and joint and several licenses as the student year moves forward.

Helping you manage your student lets  

The Social Housing Sector

Managing property for councils requires a slightly different set of skills and tools. With mass invoicing, nightly invoicing for emergency stays and benefit tracking, Decorus helps you simultaneously oversee individual tenancies and entire blocks.

Simplifying your social housing processes

The Storage Sector

A growing industry, storage containers can be managed across multiple locations with Decorus, tracking individual profit and loss as well as allowing you to view your wider business growth. Configured to your needs, our range of modules moulds effortlessly to your business model for the most seamless service.

Taking advantage of a growing industry

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Our experienced team are always working to develop the most innovative solutions for you and your business. Take a look at our blogs to explore our latest insights.

'COVID-19 – Advice for Commercial Landlords'

Last week (23rd March) the government issued a press release to tackle the growing fears amongst commercial renters. These new measures, which are a part of the emergency Coronavirus Bill, state that commercial tenants who cannot pay their rent will be protected from eviction. This ban on eviction will run for 3 months, up to […]

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