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Decorus for Student Housing

Take control of your student housing

We know your tenants require different services

Keeping up communications with your student tenants can be tricky as the university year moves forward. Whether you’re managing a single student property or block, Decorus allows you access to every one of the necessary details for your tenants, so you can always keep your students in the loop with planned maintenance and rent payments.

Making sure you’re never left out of pocket

From asset management to inventory logs, Decorus’s multiple modules help to keep your student tenants in line, with detailed records helping you easily keep track of each of your properties.

Our Credit Control module takes away the time-consuming task of chasing up late payments, too. Integrations with SMS and Outlook help you keep in touch with your students, even as you navigate changing term times and student finance dates, for the most streamlined approach to your student housing.

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Specialised Features for Student Housing

Term Charging

If you’re looking to charge your tenants based on term times, rather than on a monthly basis, this can be set in Decorus.

Mass Check In/Check Out

Unlike residential tenants who may arrive and depart sporadically throughout the year, students will typically start and end their lease in bulk. The mass check/check out feature allows you to update large groups of tenants, rather than go through each one individually. This turns a long, tiresome process into something quick and easy.

Joint and Several Agreements

For groups of students, joint and several agreements are most appropriate. If one student fails to pay, the rest of the group will have to make up the shortfall. This ensures that you receive the rent in full or have the legal authority to evict if necessary. Decorus accommodates for this kind of agreement, which can be set in the system in a few clicks.

General Features


Decorus for Sage helps you manage your range of student properties by integrating your Sage data and aligning finances with your existing processes. With options to filter by property, you can view contact details, payment history and inspection notes.


Never miss a message with our property software. Decorus uses CRM functionality to keep a track of your communications and respond through email or text. With our timeline feature you can see a chronological view of all communication and with our diary feature you can schedule calls.


Using our real-time integration with Sage cuts down the need to enter data twice and by using Sage Department Codes and Projects, you can drill down to view profit and loss on a property-by-property basis.


We recognise that it’s hard to keep up with changing rules and regulations. Decorus will track and record periodic inspections to ensure you are keeping on the right side of the law.


Keep your properties in great shape. The system helps you log and track repairs so you can easily see what needs to be done. From there, Decorus can help you get the job done by storing contractor details and logging assigned jobs through the work orders feature.

The Power of Decorus.

Real Time Integration to Sage 50

Spend less time manually entering duplicated invoices into Decorus and Sage 50, so you can concentrate on your tenants.

Links to Multiple Sage Companies

With real time access to all your properties, you’ll be able to instantly tell how your portfolio is performing.

Property Accounting

With real time access to all your properties, you’ll be able to instantly tell how your portfolio is performing.

CRM Functionality

Managing your tenant relationship has never been so simple, with all your property information kept safely in one place.

Property Management

Easily accessing your property’s information ensures you stay one step ahead of vital milestone dates, keeping you fully compliant.

Established Tenant Centre

Letting you stay one step ahead of the game, Decorus holds everything you need for the speediest communications service.

Integrated Marketing Suite

Integrated portal uploads help you put your properties in front of all the right eyes, reducing your vacancy rates.

Contact Centre

Keeping all your details within the same system puts an end to a need for multiple files and folders.

Supplier Centre

Keep your supplier details close at hand, without logging in and out.

Landlord Centre

Manage your client accounts effectively with the power of Sage.


Bespoke module security keeps your property management software safe as houses.

Space Management

Managing each of your elements within one solution helps you easily keep track.

Credit Control

Decorus helps you drastically cut down time spent chasing up arrears.

Service Charge

Whatever charging schedule you prefer to use, your finances and property management work seamlessly together.


Raise invoices across all your companies, all at the single touch of a button.

Work Orders

Easy to reach records help you maintain complete compliance.

Intercompany Accounting

Effortlessly manage intercompany transactions without the need to duplicate your work.

Asset Management

Decorus’s tracking records help you make sure you’re always remaining compliant.

User Views/ Dashboards

View just the data you need for the most streamlined solution.

Utility Invoicing

Save your team time spent entering manual invoices


Automated importing saves you time, and keeps your time working seamlessly.

MyOnline.Properties - Tenants

Save valuable time by giving your tenants the ability to help themselves.

MyOnline.Properties - Users

Access your property management software whenever you want, from wherever you are.

MyOnline.Properties - Contractors

On the go access to Decorus keeps your whole team up to speed.

MyOnline.Properties - Landlords

Keep your landlords happy with the knowledge they can access their information whenever they want.

Web Feeds

Decorus integrates seamlessly into your website.

Benefits built with you in mind

Real Time Integration To Sage 50

The only property management solution to integrate with Sage 50, Decorus can post your invoices into multiple Sage companies, all at the touch of a button.

Link To Multiple Sage Companies

Our unique integration with Sage 50 lets you connect and post transactions into unlimited Sage companies.

Property Accounting

Using department codes or projects, Decorus lets you produce accounts on a property by property basis, so you can keep track with the ultimate ease.

CRM Functionality

Including SMS, email, notes, diary feature, timetable and document centre, reaching your tenants and contractors is made simple with Decorus’s integrated solution.

Property Management

Keeping every part of your property ticking over can be a tricky task. From record inspections to hazards, your bespoke solution lets you access all the information you need within one single solution.

Tenant Centre

Within your tenant centre, you have the option to record each of your tenancy agreements, milestone dates and upcoming tasks.


Uploading to Gumtree, Zoopla and Rightmove, Decorus’s marketing module makes sure your properties are always populated.

Contact Centre

From email to SMS, Decorus’s inbuilt CRM functionality lets you record all your contacts within the same system.

Supplier Centre

An easy-to-reach record of all your supplier information means you’ll never be left hunting for the files and figures you need.

Landlord Centre

Your bespoke software solution gives you the option to retain tax, and communicate with your tenants through our inbuilt CRM functionality.


Setting up security on a user basis lets you configure every one of your modules, while a detailed audit trail keeps you in the know about changes being made.


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