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Managing multiple properties at the touch of a button

Helping your team hit the ground running

Managing multiple residential and commercial blocks requires your processes and policies to be as slick and streamlined as possible. Whatever your property type, staying on top of individual tenancies within each block can be tricky when it comes to maintenance, service charges and ground rent. With automatic integrations with Sage, apportion splits and service accounting, Decorus helps you manage everything you need within one efficient solution.

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Filling Vacancies

Quickly fill vacancies by generating advertisements using your Decorus data. Our software integrates with property portals such as Zoopla so you upload adverts in a few clicks and start gathering interest.

Simplify Client Accounting

With Decorus you’ll be able to link to multiple Sage accounts and bank accounts. On top of this, you’ll be able to create unlimited service charges and configuration splits. The system will use your financial data will track budgets and comparisons against actual expenditure to ensure budgets are kept in line.

Arranging Repairs and Inspections

Decorus can help you schedule and monitor appointments with its work orders function. Appointments made will be converted into a calendar entry which you can view in Microsoft Outlook. Progress and correspondence can also be updated within Decorus so you can track jobs from start to completion. Effective management of inspections will also help landlords adhere to current rules and regulations.

Storing Tenant Information

Log tenant information such as contact information, payment schedule, payment history, certificates and more. Our team backs up all of this information using Microsoft Azure so it can be retrieved easily. For a snapshot of the tenant’s history, you can also view their past data as a timeline.

Managing Correspondence

Frequent communication is an important factor in maintaining properties. Whether it’s sending out rent reminders, enlisting contracts or gathering information on tenant difficulties, you must have an effective process behind correspondence. Decorus supports your communication efforts by automatically sending out emails and texts for rent payments. This system can also automate invoices to collect income quickly. All tenant correspondence is stored in Decorus so you can easily revisit past messages.

The Power of Decorus.

Real Time Integration to Sage 50

Spend less time manually entering duplicated invoices into Decorus and Sage 50, so you can concentrate on your tenants.

Links to Multiple Sage Companies

Spend less time manually entering duplicated invoices into Decorus and Sage 50, so you can concentrate on your tenants.

Property Accounting

With real time access to all your properties, you’ll be able to instantly tell how your portfolio is performing.

CRM Functionality

Managing your tenant relationship has never been so simple, with all your property information kept safely in one place.

Property Management

Easily accessing your property’s information ensures you stay one step ahead of vital milestone dates, keeping you fully compliant.

Established Tenant Centre

Letting you stay one step ahead of the game, Decorus holds everything you need for the speediest communications service.

Integrated Marketing Suite

Integrated portal uploads help you put your properties in front of all the right eyes, reducing your vacancy rates.

Contact Centre

Keeping all your details within the same system puts an end to a need for multiple files and folders.

Supplier Centre

Keep your supplier details close at hand, without logging in and out.

Landlord Centre

Manage your client accounts effectively with the power of Sage.


Giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and sound.

Benefits built with you in mind

Real Time Integration to Sage 50

The only property management solution to integrate with Sage 50, Decorus can connect and post your invoices into multiple Sage companies, all at the touch of a button. 

Link To Multiple Sage Companies

Our unique integration with Sage 50 lets you connect and post transactions into unlimited Sage companies.

Property Accounting

Using department codes or projects, Decorus lets you produce accounts on a property by property basis, so you can keep track with the ultimate ease.

CRM Functionality

Including SMS, email, notes, diary feature, timetable and document centre, reaching your tenants and contractors is made simple with Decorus’s integrated solution.

Property Management

Keeping every part of your property ticking over can be a tricky task. From record inspections to hazards, your bespoke solution lets you access all the information you need within one single solution.

Established Tenant Centre

Within your tenant centre, you have the option to record each of your tenancy agreements, milestone dates and upcoming tasks. Using our built in CRM functionality lets you keep all your client details safely within one system. 

Integrated Marketing Suite

Uploading to Gumtree, Zoopla and Rightmove, Decorus’s marketing module makes sure your properties are always populated.

Contact Centre

From email to SMS, Decorus’s inbuilt CRM functionality lets you record all your contacts within the same system.

Supplier Centre

As well as generating supplier invoices that can be posted directly to Sage, Decorus lets you easily record your supplier information, so you’ll never be left hunting for the files and figures you need.

Landlord Centre

Generating landlord statements with multiple management fee options, your bespoke software solutions gives you the option to retain tax, and communicate with your tenants through our inbuilt CRM functionality.


It’s vital that your property management software stays as safe as houses. Setting up security on a user basis lets you configure every one of your modules, while a detailed audit trail keeps you in the know about any changes being made.

Space Management

Expand your property management to include estates, blocks and communal space.

Credit Control

Automate your credit control by configuring rules to chase outstanding rent, service charges and more, so you’ll never be left out of pocket.

Service Charges

Create charging schedules based on fixed or apportioned calculating, and post them directly to Sage.

Work Orders

Useful for those who run multiple Sage companies, Decorus lets you raise due invoices in each of your companies at the touch of a button. 

Asset Management

From white goods to furniture, fixtures and fittings, track every one of your property assets and movements.


Giving your tenants and contractors access to their very own portal, MyOnline.Properties lets you view statements and important documents, and submit jobs.


Decorus plays with a number of 3rd party products.
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